There are three ways for you to obtain a Ugandan Tourist Visa.  You can do so on online and use your credit card with a fee added.  This might be ideal for those that want everything in place before their arrival.

The easiest way for most is to buy your Ugandan Tourist Visa on Arrival in Uganda at the point of Entry such as Entebbe International Airport.  50 USD is all that it takes without any of the hassles of online forms or applying with the Ugandan Embassy in your country.

The East African Tourist Visa – can also be obtained at the Point of Entry in Uganda such as Entebbe International Airport but you have to ask for it.  Please note that the 100 USD Visa is derived from the country that is your first to visit in East Africa.  Presently there is no central East African Visa application online. It has to be done through the Country you will first visit such as Uganda, Rwanda or Kenya.

Ebola Screening is part of the arrival Procedure.  That is done without any delay to you.

You can also apply for a Ugandan Tourist Visa through the Ugandan Embassy in your country.  This is the most time-consuming and most expensive way unless the Embassy is close by.

For those that want the assurance of having a visa in hand, there is the online way.

Apply for your East African Tourist Visa online if Uganda is your first Country of Entry in East Africa. Visa will be good for Uganda – Rwanda, and Kenya.

You will receive an email with a barcode upon successfully applying for your visa from Uganda   Immigration. Put the Email in your passport when traveling into your passport for safekeeping.

Upon arriving in Entebbe International Airport hand the Immigration Official your passport and printed copy of the email with the barcode.  They will scan the barcode and paste the visa sticker into your passport.

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