River Nile


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This is the father of African rivers doubling also as the world’s longest river; River Nile.It is the longest river in the world. It journeys 6,650km before reaching Egypt and the Mediterranean where it empties. It is a lifeline for agriculture and consequently human survival in Egypt. The Nile has two sources; the White Nile and Blue Nile which flow from Lake Victoria near Jinja and from Tana in Ethiopia.

Sprinting out of Lake Victoria in Jinja is the Victoria Nile. The Victoria Nile is the stretch of the Nile that flows through southern Uganda. It continues northward to swampy Lake Kyoga, turns west over Murchison Falls- Murchison Nile, and empties into Lake Albert, and the Albert Nile then proceeds to Sudan on its long journey. As we cheer it on it runs northward through Lake Kyoga turning west and flowing into Lake Albert. It emerges out of L. Albert as the Albert Nile (also whispered to be called Mobutu Nile-lol). It runs on to Nimule at the Uganda- South Sudan border and once there, it is referred to as the Mountain Nile. We bid it farewell I imagine with calabashes, whistles and lots of ululations allowing it to join the Blue Nile all the way to the Mediterranean Sea.

At the source, the White Nile, besides the sights several exhilarating water sports are undertaken such as kayaking besides others. Our country has been associated with the Nile for years that it even appears on our Coat of Arms. The blue lines at the bottom of the Coat of Arms is the River Nile.

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