These are unique creatures and are relatives to both the mountain gorillas and the chimpanzees. These species can be found in three countries including Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. These also weigh between 10 to 25 pounds and have got a golden body, tails, cheeks, body and black limbs. They are also known as a sub specie of the blue monkeys which are mainly found in bamboo forests in Virunga Volcanoes of Congo.

This specie of monkeys is greatly declining since they face many difficulties like the mountain gorillas like poaching, diseases, habitat loss, war and unrest and local community encroachments. Golden monkeys have been habituated to human presence and these offers a wonderful experience to visitors like the mountain gorillas and the chimpanzees. The male golden monkeys have got a reddish color on the back with darker patches while the females are lighter in color and have less brown patches. These also live in groups of 30 to 80 individuals being led by an adult male. The female golden monkeys usually defend the territories and provide protection. They fed to about 20 to 30 plant species including the leaves, fruits, invertebrates as well as the bamboo. This species of primates have a gestation period of 5 months and give birth to only one off spring. Golden monkeys prefer to move and sleep high in the bamboo forests.

Golden monkey can be done in Kibale National park and also in Bwindi impenetrable national park during your gorilla trekking Uganda. They can as well be tracked in Mgahinga national park and usually a guide will escort you when you are in small groups and start to hike the bamboo forests where these beautiful primates live. These playful species are hard to get on camera and tourists are advisable to use a low light in the dense forest.

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