These primates are the closest to humans, sharing 98.7% of our DNA and they are over 5000 plus situated in Uganda. The best tourist destination known for chimpanzee trekking is Kibale National park which is a rain forest and has got over 13 primate species, these can be tracked at any day of the year and other tourists can decide to do Chimpanzee habituation experience. These chimpanzee species can be tracked starting from 8:00am in many different locations and the time of ending the track depends on when you locate them. 

These chimpanzee tours go hand in hand with the mountain gorillas and it’s a great opportunity to have them on the same safari in Uganda. You will enjoy these primates as well as wildlife species found in many other national parks in Uganda. It’s also been discovered the most common popular tourist activities in Kibale is the Kanyanchu primate walk and full day chimpanzee Habituation Experience, this mostly works with the chimpanzee community which is to go under habituation. The early tourists can view the chimpanzees leave their overnight nests from 6:00- 6:30 an before copulating, feeding, breast feeding, hunting, patrolling, resting as well as displaying until the time of building new nests for resting at around 7:00pm.

These primates can also be tracked in semliki national park which is also a rainforest located in the Albertine Rift escarpments, Kyambura gorge in Maramagambo forest located in Queen Elizabeth National Park and in Budongo Forest which is located just near Murchison falls national park. They can also be found in the Zoo which is Uganda Wildlife Education Centre as well as in Ngamba Sanctuary Island were these orphaned primates are kept for tourism purposes.

Spend a day with the chimpanzees to see how they bang tree stems to communicate with each other.

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